Booking an Appointment

1 Hour sessions

If you need more personalized help with scientific communication, you are in the right spot! We deliver personalized consultations with department-specific feedback.

Click on your department to fill out a form that will allow you to book an appointment with a Fellow.  You will need to sign in with your Microsoft account that is associated with Northeastern. Within the form, you will need to click again on your department.




Not in any of those departments?

We would love to extend our services! Please fill out this short form in order so that we can try to make it happen. In the mean time, you can attend our weekly Office Hours and check out our Workshops and Resources pages.


What kind of communication can the CommLab help with?

We can help with all kinds of documents that are for the purpose of scientific dissemination, either in the classroom or in the research world. We can assist you in any stage of development, from brainstorming initial outlines to almost-there documents. We strongly believe that getting feedback as early as possible in your writing stages is the most beneficial for your development as a scientific communicator. 


Class Reports

Any kind of writing assignment for a engineering class, from lab reports to short proposals


Poster Content & Design

For university meetings, conferences, and the like. 


Oral Presentations

Presenting technical information? We can help with slide design, content, or presentation style.


Qualification Exams

Is your qualification exam a written proposal or a presentation? We can help!


Thesis Chapters

Breaking down the thesis into chapters is a useful way to obtain feedback. 


Fellowship Applications

Research and Personal Statements for the NSF GRFP, NDSEG, among others 


Scientific Articles

Another perspective other than your PI’s and your lab-mates might be refreshing and useful to writing to a wider scientific audience. 


Proposal and Defense


What Should I Expect?

Before the Session

Once you sign up for an appointment, an automatic email confirmation will be sent to you and the Fellow. Currently, we only do virtual meetings through Microsoft Teams. 

We do not read any documents beforehand, but we would like to get a sense of what kind document we would be working on with you.   

If you cannot join the session, no worries! Just let us know, so that we can open up your spot for other clients. 


During the Session

We first go over the type of document and its expectations. If it is a writing document, typically the Fellow or you will read the document aloud. This allows you and the Fellow to catch mistakes that otherwise might have gone unnoticed. Don’t be shy to interrupt! This session is meant to be an interactive discussion, not a passive learning experience.  

After the Session

Right after the session, the Fellow will prompt you to fill out a short online survey form about the meeting. This form will not ask for your name; we hope that this anonymity will help you in filling out the form honestly. The Fellow will also fill out a similar form at the same time.

We take this feedback seriously, so that we can continue to provide you with the best help possible and further refine our services.