We regularly host on-campus and online workshops on important topics related to conveying scientific information, verbal communication, grant applications and more! 

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Past Workshops

Most recent workshops (will post material soon!)

Data Visualization – Thursday, Jan 27, 2022 @5pm – Zoom Link

Poster preparation – Thursday, Feb 3, 2022 @ 5pm – Zoom Link

Workshops with materials: 

Abstract (Jan 2022) 

What are the key components of an abstract?

Specific Aims (Nov 2021) 

Learn how to construct a specific aims page.

Reseach Dissemination Series: Preprints (July 2021) 

What are preprints and how can they be beneficial to me in my research career?

Research Dissemination Series: Literature Review (June 2021)

Learn the different approaches to writing a literature review for a wide varieity of applications.

Research Dissemination Series: Elevator Pitch (March 2021)

Through this interactive workshop, we were able to build content for our pitch for a variety of contexts. See these worksheets (Content Building and Context Framing) for help building your pitch.

Crafting your Elevator Pitch (2020)

Learn how to effectively communicate your research or business plan to recruiters, investors and the scientific community.

Effective Planning for a Project, Thesis or Dissertation

This workshop teaches you how to effectively plan and execute a class project, thesis or dissertation.

NSF GRFP Fellowship

Looking to fund your PhD? This workshop covers all you need to know to apply to the NSF GRFP, one of the most prominent and competitive fellowships for PhD students.

Planning and Executing an Effective Meeting

Are meetings filling up your calendar but feel that they are ineffective? This workshop teaches you how to call the perfect meeting, whether it be with your PI, lab group, or for a class project.

Posters and Presenting

This workshop teaches you how to develop and deliver an effective poster and poster presentation.

Research Ethics

Learn how to appropriately conduct research and report your scientific findings in accordance with the scientific community.

Writing Scientific Reports and Articles

Generated a bunch of good data but having trouble putting it all together? Learn about effective strategies for writing clear, concise scientific articles.


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