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We are dedicated to providing personalized technical communication assistance to graduate students in the College of Engineering.

We are proud to serve all students through workshops and office hours, and are funded to provide one-on-one assistance in all departments College of Engineering, Northeastern. 


CommLab Program Coordinator

Tracy Carter holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering, and oversees each department’s CommLab. She has been a teaching professor for 10 years, and currently teaches Lab and Process Safety in Chemical Engineering. Outside of education and mentoring, she and has over 15 years of extensive experience in technical communications. Tracy serves as a peer reviewer for AICHE, ASEE, and Chemical Process Safety Progress. 


CommLab Fellows


McKay Cavanaugh is a 4th year PhD student working with Dr. Rebecca Willits. Her research focuses on the design of tissue engineering biomaterials that mimic the neural stem cell niche. Her goal is to gain insight into the mechanosensing cues in the niche and understand how they determine the fate of the neural stem cell. She has published peer-reviewed articles and presented research at several conferences including an oral presentation at BMES 2019. She is passionate about public speaking, data visualization, and working with her peers to develop technical and soft skills.

Ibrahim Haleem Khan

Industrial and Mechanical Engineering

Ibrahim Haleem Khan is a 2nd-year master’s student (Engineering Management) working in the field of Product Management. He is deeply interested in how humans perceive and interact with technologies over different mediums. Academically, Ibrahim has published 15 plus Scopus-indexed research papers in the field of IoT, Industry 4.0 and Med-Tech with over 1755 Citations, 40K reads, three paper presentations and has an 11 H-Index. Professionally, he has worked as a Product Guy for an Ed-Tech firm based in New York, developing next-gen learning and hiring solutions. He is driven by how we communicate and perceive thoughts and visions, which helps us understand the world in a much better way. On the other side of the world, he loves to make drones, 3D print and is also a huge foodie.

Chemical Engineering

Nick O’Hare is a 2nd year PhD student working in Professor Eno Ebong’s lab. The lab focuses on how endothelial mechanotransduction can prevent or promote a variety of diseases related to blood vessel dysfunction. More specifically, his work centers around the relationship between endothelial glycocalyx and the blood-brain barrier as well as improving in vitro Blood Brain Barrier modeling. Nick is also the first-year representative for the graduate student council and a 2020 graduate research fellow recipient. Through Commlab, he hopes to support others with their technical communication skills while promoting greater scientific accessibility.

Sweta Mishra

Chemical Engineering

Shweta Misra,  is undergoing her Master’s in Information Systems. She is excited about designing systems and believes coding is not limited to a specific language or syntax, rather it is more about forming algorithms. She has published a paper on building smart devices using neural networks, speech generation and OpenCV. Aiding the visually impaired, where they can hear what others can see. She has mentored and pioneered Python and machine learning concepts to people who wanted to learn. She is passionate about public speaking, the arts and building technical and soft skills in a team.


Civil & Environmental Engineering

Welcome to our newest CommLab fellow, Tom Draper!

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